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Align With Yourself, And Create Great Relationships In Life With Dr. Loretta Sanders

We live in an era when people are trying to understand themselves better, find a real purpose in life, and live the path of authenticity and truth.With Dr. Loretta Sanders we are talking about what stops people from unleashing their full potential, what are the first steps in understanding yourself better, as well as how to create healthylifetime relationships, and who we directly impact what kind of person we choose as our life partner.

Stretch Steet Podcast with Dr Loretta Sanders

Why I finally answered the call, after walking away

Myths of Marriage

Expected Roles of Marriage

Everything That Is Wrong Will Get Better After We Are Married

Dr Williams interviews Dr Loretta Sanders, a USA born K12 Educator,
now living in the UAE (Dubai)!

Dr Williams interviews Dr Loretta Sanders, a USA born K12 Educator, now living in the UAE (Dubai)! Dr. Sanders is originally from North Carolina. She has been living in the middle east for the past 12 years, and she has travelled to multiple countries. Dr. Sanders lived in Abu Dhabi, before eventually finding a home in Dubai. During Dr. Sanders’ 20 year K12 educational career in the USA and the UAE, she has been afforded the opportunity to work in various curriculum-based leadership roles, including: Elementary Curriculum Director, Elementary Head of Department, English Language Arts Subject Specialist, School Improvement Team Chairperson, Grade Level Chairperson, Head Student Teacher Coordinator Secondary Principal and Vice Principal over Professional Development and School Programs, and Deputy Principal in charge of academics. We are super excited to hear what Dr. Sanders has to say about living in the Middle East as a K12 Educator. She will also share some golden nuggets on how you can be a K12 educator who works abroad, travels the world, all while living your dreams!

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

In many communities, there are negative stigmas surrounding mental illness and mental health.
Growing up, I can remember terms like “crazy” and “off” being used to describe those living with mental illness. At that time, those individuals were not encouraged to seek professional help but rather encouraged to mask their problems or attempt to solve them on their own.

Today, however, we have come to know that mental health conditions can be just as life-threatening as a cancer diagnosis and should be treated by professionals.

In my interview with Anum, we explore how society’s views on mental illness have changed over time and discuss the importance of seeking help.